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Do you know how to grow grapes?

  • prepare your soil before you plant a grape vine?
  • fertilize and irrigate your grape vine?
  • train your newly planted grape vine?
  • prune your grape vine?
  • prepare your grape vine for optimum grape production?
  • decide when your grapes are ready for harvest?
  • what to do after you have enjoyed the fruit of your labor?

No problem!

 I own an export grape farm in South Africa, and with more than a decade of grape growing experience, I am sure I can help you grow your very own grape vine.

No matter where you are or what you are going to use your grape vine for, the most important thing to remember is:

Your grape vine needs to be a well trained, well pruned and disease free plant!


How many ways do you, the "home grape grower" know how to "SUPER CHARGE" your grape vine?

To be perfectly honest, I think there's ONLY ONE available on the Internet and you've just stumbled on it!

Take a look at this picture ...

growing grapes

These grape vines produce 7 000 + cartons of grapes per hectare EACH AND EVERY YEAR!
That is more that 32 000 kilograms 
(70 547 pounds) of export quality grapes per hectare each year!

You reckon I'd know something about growing grapes?

See, most home grape growers spend all their time conjecturing some secret grape growing, thumb sucking theory, but when it's time to get down to 'showing' the grapes, well guess what?  

They do not deliver!

Do You Know Of Any Grape Grower That Knows 
How To Grow Grape Vines, That Produce 42 Pounds Of Grapes On A Single Grape Vine?

Pardon my impudence, but I think not.

Think about it.  42 Pounds of grapes on a single vine!!

Here is proof that the methods I use for growing grapes are
simply the best available on the Internet.

Export Quality Award
(Click on the following image)

Export Qualit Award

Would You Like To Learn How To Grow Grapes, 
So You Can Produce Almost 'Obscene', Consistent
Crops of
Top Quality Grapes with berries 
like this?

growing grapes

Unreal?  Then How About This?

growing grapes

Or this?

growing grapes

Or even this?

growing grapes

Yes Danie, I would love to learn your secrets
for growing grapes like that!!!

The Complete Grape Growers Guide

Grape Growers Guide
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Still Not Convinced?

Then My Question To YOU Is This...

Would you like to go through all the trial-and-error, the failure and disappointments, and the lost time and money -- just so you can figure out these growing grape shortcuts by yourself? Or would you like to save yourself a bunch of money, time, and frustration by learning from someone who has already been through all of it -- so they can just hand you only those methods that really work, the stuff that can have your grape vine in production quickly and easily!

You see, the biggest lesson I've learned in the  grape growing business is that TIME is your most valuable asset.  And time is something we don't always have! 

I'm willing to share these shortcuts and techniques with you, if you're willing to invest in your grape vine, and in yourself, so that you can start growing the Ultimate Grape Production "Machine"!

The ball is in your court.

All that remains is you deciding whether you want to own the most perfect grape vine and produce the best quality grapes there is and experience the joy of producing your very own grapes from your grape vine which most people can only DREAM about.

And if you think that there is really an easier way for the the home grape grower to succeed in growing grapes, then all I can say is "sweet dreams my friend"

Read what others say about 
"The Complete Grape Growers Guide" 

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this.

I am Tina Barnes from New Zealand. After receiving the My Grape Vine e-book and beginning to read it, I simply could not put it down. This book is so well written that even a person with no knowledge at all about growing grapes can easily understand and follow the directions given.

The drawings and photographs are excellent and make this a very user friendly book indeed. The written work is very easy to understand and is not complicated by a lot of scientific jargon. I commend Danie on an excellent product and I recommend anyone considering growing their own grapes to buy this e-book.

I am looking forward to putting this knowledge to good use and growing the best grapes that I can for my family.

Hi Danie,
I have finally finished reading your book and I am very pleased to have purchased it as it contains valuable information for novice backyard grape growers like me. I know I will continue to use it as a reference for years to come!
It provides an excellent guide with comprehensive details to assist the enthusiast grape grower in achieving a successful outcome for years.

Richard M.
Perth, Western Australia

Hello Danie,

Even before you put your "Grape-Growing-Book" on line, I was very
impressed with your informative web site in assisting "us" home gardeners, with your detailed knowledge of how to grow a grape vine.

You explain, in layman terms, the terminology about the grape vine itself.  Not, as I have experienced with pamphlets from the Dept. of Primary  Industries here in Queensland, Australia. Full with technical terms and names for every  part of the vine. Very hard to understand for "us" the amateur grape grower.

But, WOW, with the release of your "Grape-Growing-Book" you have surpassed yourself. What a fine and easy to understand book it is. Step by step, in every day language, you explain the facts about growing a grape vine. The drawings, sketches and pictures are a fantastic source of information and clarity.

I am certain that your book will become the home grape vine grower's first choice of "how to". I can highly recommend it to present and novice growers.

Thank you so much for imparting all your knowledge and help with this book.

With best regards,
Fred H.

Dear Danie

There are several vineyards in the area which are tended by the local wineries, and I am looking for a crop I can raise on a small acreage that would give some return over an extended period of time.  Grapes have always intrigued me and now I have a chance to try them out.

I purchased your book in the course of research and must say it is the most informative and most user-friendly volume I have yet come across.

I look forward to you continue blogs and information
Very respectfully,
Alan D.
Marsing, Idaho

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