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I hope that this book will be the means by which countless people will derive the pleasure and satisfaction which comes from drinking wines that they have made in their own homes. Those who have failed, or have been disappointed with previous attempts, will find the reasons in this book - and the remedy.

All those who wish they could make strong, delicious crystal-clear wines need wish in vain no longer: they can make them, easily, quickly and for less than a few dollars per bottle!

If you want to make wine there is no excuse for not doing so: you don’t need a license or a cellar and the utensils may already be in your house. To make a couple of gallons of wine is no more bother than to bake a tray of cookies, and in comparison the rewards of your labors are far more pleasurable.


A word of warning: The fact that home-made wines do not exceed fourteen per cent (by volume) of alcohol leads the uninitiated to believe that they can drink un­limited quantities without it having effect upon them. How wrong they are! It is a saying in country districts that 'home-made wine is all right when you know how to drink it. The unsuspected kick in home-made wines has to be felt to be believed. Drink home-made wine as you would drink neat whisky.

• The Winemaking Process

• Equipment Required

• The Importance of Proper Utensils

• The Sterilization Process

• How to Choose Your Ingredients

• Straining

• Sugar and Yeast

• Rainwater – The Winemaker’s Secret

• The Fermentation Process

• Natural Enemies of the Fermentation Process

• The Clearing Process

• Siphoning and Bottling

• Corking

• Storing Your Wine

• Cider, Ale, Beer and Stout

• Experimenting With Your Wine

• Wine-Making and the Law

• The Science of Wine-Making

• Sugars, Acids and Alcohol

• Common Mistakes and Remedies

• Questions and Answers

• Growing Your Own Wine

• Growing Soft Fruits for Winemaking

• Growing Tree Fruits for Winemaking

• Growing Grapes for Winemaking

• Winemaking by the Season

• Root Wines – 4 Selected Root Wine Recipes Included!

• Vegetable Wines – 4 Selected Vegetable Wine Recipes Included!

• My Special Recipes – Over 30 Of My Own Recipes Included!

• Fruit Wines – Over 30 Fruit Wine Recipes Included!

• Sherry – 5 Selected Sherry Recipes Included!

• Dried Fruit Wines – 10 Dried Fruit Wine Recipes Included!

• Flower and Sugar Wines – 5 Selected Flower & Sugar Wine Recipes Included!

• Mixed Drinks for the Party – 5 Popular Mixed Drink Recipes Included!

• Fruit Wines The Modern Way - Over 50 Modern Fruit Wine Recipes Included!

• Grape Wines – 3 Selected Grape Wine Recipes Included!

• The Stewed Fruit Flavor – 25 Stewed Fruit Wine Recipes Included!

• Dried Fruits the Modern Way – 5 Modern Dried Fruit Wine Recipes Included!

• Root Wines The Modern Way -5 Modern Root Wine Recipes Included!

• Champagnes and Sparkling Wines – 5 Sparkling Wine Recipes Included!

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