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Understanding Yeast Tips:  (How to Make Wine)

Yeast is one of the Least Understood Ingredients for students learning How to Make Homemade Wine

You may be wondering about the role of yeast when learning how to make homemade wine. In general do not save money on the quality of the yeast you buy if you want to impress your friends with the quality of your wine.

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  • Winemakers nowadays can take advantage of purer yeast strains than those yeast strains existing in natural conditions. Yeast strains that were made specifically to make wine have been tested and found to help make wine that tastes really good and derives as much alcohol as possible from the fruit used for wine making.
  • The yeasts for the different types of wine also differ from wine variety to wine variety. For instance, if you choose to make red wines, then you should choose yeast strains that were designed purely for this purpose; to make white wine, there are also yeast strains for white wine that exist.
  • Research and knowledge about what yeasts are and how they can be cultured to make products such as wine have become quite advanced. It is now possible to isolate the yeast strain we want so that we can use it to make a specific type of wine in ways not possible before. Most stores will describe what yeast is best for the type of wine you are making.
  • It is better to use the manufactured or processed types of yeast strains because these permit us to use yeast that will not be overcome by the other organisms in the air and surroundings that usually invade our wine blend.

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  • When enough yeast cells of the yeast strain variety we are using has replicated within our wine blend, the yeast cells can eliminate the more harmful organisms. This means that our wine blend has a better chance of turning out well rather than be spoiled by the harmful organisms. (Contamination).
  • Although processed and purified yeast strains help against some contamination, winemakers must sterilize their wine blend to kill off the harmful organisms (including wild yeast) first. Afterwards, the packaged purified yeast can be added to the wine blend resulting in a more likely successful product since our purer yeast has no competition existing within the wine blend.

Lastly, when learning how to make homemade wine it is crucial to understand clarification and racking. Please check out our Racking & Clarification Tips.

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