how to make homemade wine

Starter Tips on How to Make Wine:

Sometimes the Simplest Steps are the Key to Success when learning How to Make Homemade Wine

how to make homemade wine starter

  • As an amateur, you should always stick to the rules and don’t experiment on your own when learning how to make homemade wine. The quality of your wine will be affected if you deviate from pre-existing rules on wine-making. Experiment only if you have tried out the same process before and can afford using more resources for your new ideas.
  • Always buy quality equipment for making wine so that you wind up with quality wine as well. If you buy cheap yet unreliable equipment, this could lead to disastrous results. There are pre-packed wine making starter packages that you can buy nowadays and detailed home-brewed wine recipe books too.


  • The equipment required when learning how to make homemade wine is Demijohns, fermentation locks, trial jars, plastic or glass funnels, siphon tubes, and storage bottles with tightly-fitting caps. It might be necessary to have a safe storage space as well (like a wine rack or shelf in an out of the way location) to keep your wine during the entire process.
  • Always use wine-making implements and equipment that are completely clean and free from dirt contamination. Contaminants can change the quality of your home-brewed wine as well. This applies even if you are going to use your existing home appliances or will be buying new ones specifically for wine-making purposes. This is the single biggest reason for producing a poor wine batch.
  • Try to figure out whether you want to make your wine from fresh fruit or from grape juice concentrate. If you do want to use fresh fruit, buy fruits which are in season because these are less expensive. Fresh fruits also make better quality wine of a higher density and are more pleasant to use.
  • If you prefer to use fresh fruit, the best types of fresh fruit are those sourced directly from gardens and orchards. If you don’t grow your own fruits, then you might look around for gardens and orchards that let people pick their own baskets of fresh fruit for a fee.
  • For wines that will be based on fresh fruit, bear in mind that each type of fresh fruit will need a different recipe to make its own respective type of wine. This means, if you will be using grapes, then stick to a wine-making recipe that uses grapes and not some other recipe for other types of fresh fruit.

how to make wine

  • Remember one thing throughout the entire wine-making process: the trick to producing good wine is to measure each ingredient correctly then to mix it properly into the wine blend when needed. Being accurate and precise when carrying out each step will help you make good tasting wine that you can be proud of.
  • The amount of sugar you put into your wine-making recipe will dictate how dry or how sweet the finished wine will be. If you will be using concentrated fruit concentrate instead of fresh fruit to make your wine, then you need to be careful about how much sugar you add to your wine mixture.
  • For those who lack the patience to peel fresh fruit, frozen juice concentrate is a good quickie replacement. Your choice of frozen juice concentrate should NOT have any potassium sorbate in it – this will prevent proper fermentation of your wine. Usually frozen juice concentrate won’t have potassium sorbate, but make sure anyway.
  • The types of frozen juice concentrate you buy will depend on what your fruit preference is. Some people like using frozen grape juice concentrate, while others prefer raspberry, cranberry or peach (among other choices of frozen juice concentrate flavors.) Buy the volume that will make the final wine light-, medium-, or full-bodied as you like.

Let's move on to the fermentation and process tips section.

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how to make homemade wine